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Different Ways You Can Encourage Learning Right In Your Child's Bedroom

It might be said that the entire world is your children's classroom. After all, they can learn a lot by visiting places like museums, zoos, and even art galleries. Visiting places like planetariums, places of business, and bakeries can teach them, too. However, have you ever thought that you could turn your child's bedroom into a place where he or she is surrounded by learning opportunities? From bedroom decor to choosing the right furniture for your child, here are some different ways that you can encourage learning right in your child's bedroom:

Start With The Right Bedroom Furniture 

  • Be sure there is a good shelf for things like reading books and models.
  • Choose a bed that includes a drawer as part of the design.
  • Use the drawer for storing things like learning games and puzzles.
  • Have a bedside table with a lamp that allows for reading before bedtime.
  • Include a school desk that has enough space for a computer.
  • Think of buying a school desk with drawers to store things like pencils and calculators.

Add The Extras That Encourage Learning

  • Think of having a world map mural on one of your child's bedroom walls.
  • Hang inspiring wall posters of great people like George Washington, Albert Einstein, and Margaret Knight.
  • On the ceiling, adhere luminescent stickers of stars and planets.
  • Decorate with things like artifacts from different countries.
  • Help your child collect display things like dinosaurs or historic car models.
  • Have a globe of the world as part of your child's bedroom decor.

Of course, there's more to learning than just being surrounded by the right furniture and plenty of inspiration. Think of other things you can do that will encourage your child to have a love of learning. Besides setting aside time for completing school assignments, consider making a time that is free from things like television watching, computer games, and cell phone usage.

Involve all family members in learning games that can be played together. Another idea is to watch the evening news together and then to talk about what's happening around the world. Think of subscribing to magazines that tell of new inventions and about the culture around the world and have the magazines displayed in places that invite perusal. Play guessing games about things like famous people, places all over the world and historical events. And, don't hesitate to let your children voice opinions on things like religion and politics, even if they have different views than you do.

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