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Maintenance Tips For Classroom Furniture

If you are responsible for managing a school, the furniture will be some of the most valuable items in the building. Due to the large amount of money that will need to be invested in this furniture, you should make sure that you are aggressively caring for the furniture to keep it lasting for as long as possible.

Ensure Any Writable Surfaces Are Cleaned Each Day

There are many different furniture items that you may have that have writable surfaces. In addition to chalk and dry erase boards, there are many different types of desks, panels, and other surfaces that may be able writable. All of these surfaces should be completely cleaned at the end of each day. Otherwise, it could be possible for the ink to stain these surfaces, which can drastically reduce its lifespan.

Treat Wood Desks With Stain-Proof Coatings

At the start of each semester, you should have the maintenance staff apply a stain-proof coating to any of the wood desks. This will reduce the amount of staining that results from ink, drinks, and dirt. In addition to applying these coatings at the start of the school year, they may also need to be applied whenever the desk is put into long-term storage as it will help to protect the wood.

Adjust Loose Legs As Soon As They Are Noticed

The legs of your desk and chairs will usually be held in place with a series of bolts and screws. In most instances, these devices will be able to provide reliable support years. However, children can be extremely rough on furniture, and some may even attempt to manually loosen these bolts. Sadly, if they are not tightened, the desk or chair may collapse, which could lead to injury. 

For those that have a large number of desks and chairs to manage, it may be worth the effort to perform a quick test of the desks and chairs to ensure they are stable by simply pushing down on each desk and chair. This should take no more than a few minutes for each classroom, but it will alert you to pieces of furniture that may have potentially hazardous stability issues.

Sanitize All Of The Furniture At The End Of The Day

Schools can be environments that allow for disease to quickly spread from one child to another. This can have severe impacts on attendance and other common variables that schools must monitor. Having maintenance staff sanitize the school furniture on a regular schedule can drastically reduce the spread of disease.

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