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What To Know About Using Framing Services

When you have pictures or paintings that you value, it can be wise to have them professionally framed. While framing services can be invaluable for protecting these items, individuals will often overlook having this work done.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Framing

There are many important benefits that framing can provide a painting, picture or other important documents. One of the most important is that it will protect these items against numerous different types of damage. This can include wrinkling, tearing, solar bleaching and moisture damage. Unfortunately, amateur framing work will frequently fail to provide these full range of benefits as there can be simple mistakes that may lead to moisture getting trapped in the frame or other sources of damage.  

Consider Opting For A Minimal Frame

Individuals will often be tempted to opt for extremely eye-catching frames. While this can be suitable when you are framing documents or other relatively plain documents, this can be an excellent way of making them more aesthetically pleasing. However, if you are looking to frame artwork, you may want to choose a minimalist frame. A very eye-catching frame can take away from the work of art.

Be Mindful Of The Glass That You Choose

The type of glass that you choose for your framed item may not seem important, but it can play a vital role in preserving the document or artwork. Bright light can be extremely damaging to these items over the years due to its ability to break down pigments. When you are evaluating potential glasses for your frames, you will want to choose an option that will prevent ultraviolet rays of light from passing through it. This type of glass will have a higher cost, but failing to opt for this type of glass will result in the framed item gradually degrading.

Ensure The Frame Is Securely Anchored To The Wall

After going through the trouble of having these items frames, some individuals will make the mistake of failing to properly secure these items to the walls. This can result in the frame falling to the ground where it can break and damage the item it held. Often, this problem is due to failing to hang the frame on a stud. This is particularly true for heavier frames as drywall may not have the strength to support this weight. If you are unsure as to how to locate the studs in your walls, it is possible to buy a stud detector from the hardware store that will make this a trivial task.