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Taking A Complete History Of The United States And Turning It Into Digestible Chunks

Any history of any country is often a lengthy one. The United States as a republic is more than two hundred years old. In a few short years, it will be two hundred fifty years since the American Revolution (not counting any American history prior to that). That said, when you are looking for a complete United States history downloadable school presentation, you best have a ton of memory on your computer, or your computer is seriously going to crash. Here is how you can actually take parts of a complete presentation and turn it into digestible chunks of information for your school audience. Consider it the "abridged" version. 

Connect an External Memory Drive With at Least One Terabyte of Memory

250-plus years of history, from the first colonists to the present, is a lot of history. It is precisely why so many history textbooks and history courses in school break it down into two or three textbooks and two or three years of study. Usually, it comes out as "American History I," "American History II," and so on. That said, you are definitely going to need some sort of external memory drive connected to your computer if your computer does not have about two or three terabytes of memory already. Connect that drive before you even begin to download the presentation. 

Decide on Key Points

This country may be young in comparison to other countries around the globe (unless you count Native American history and their presence here), but it has seen and participated in no less than a dozen wars since. You will need to consider which key points in the timeline of the nation that you want to include. If you do not want to include any wars, consider including other major historical events through the decades and centuries. You have to choose an angle, and then choose some key points for your presentation. If you do not, you could spend an entire day relating just a small portion of American history to your classmates. 

Condense Your Key Points to One Slide Each

What is it you want your classmates to know? What do you think will impress your teacher the most? These are the things you need to answer when you create each new presentation slide for the key points you have chosen. Do not cut and paste slides from everything you have downloaded! This is a form of plagiarism, and you will likely be downgraded or failed if your teacher catches it. Condense your material down to one slide for each key point in your historical timeline. This is what is referred to as digestible chunks of information because it is just small bits and bites of information your classmates can easily absorb.