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How Effective Teaching Books Help You Become A Better Substitute Teacher

Being a substitute teacher is a great way to learn whether or not you are right for the classroom or to get in some real teaching time to get your license. However, you've been struggling to fit in as a sub and think that you may have made a bad career decision. Don't give up yet! Instead, read some books on effective teaching to become a better professional.

Substitute Teaching Challenges May Frighten Away May Teachers

Substitute teachers – unless they go to the same school and classes repeatedly – rarely get the same kind of respect as a normal teacher. This situation is just part of the education system – most people should remember teasing a sub at some point in their lives – but can be hard for some to handle, particularly if the students get mean-spirited about the sub.

Unfortunately, this situation may make it hard for some subs to want to transition to teaching. Though the challenges of substitute teaching are rarely seen as a full-time teacher – as you'll have authority and respect from most students when in this position – they can seem almost impossible to overcome. Thankfully, you can break out of this situation and make yourself happier by learning effective teaching strategies from various books.

How Effective Teaching Can Help

If you're having a hard time as a substitute teacher and are seriously considering quitting trying to become a real teacher, you may want to read some books on effective teaching strategies. These concepts are designed to make your profession easier and give you the insight that you need to succeed. Just as importantly, these ideas are designed to be easy to implement in just about any classroom that you visit.

For example, you need to master the concept of teacher clarity – knowing how to identify the purpose of each lesson – to ensure that your students are prepared. You also need to fully understand why students act out against substitutes – they feel a lack of accountability – and use that information to create a more authoritative presence, such as writing up students who misbehave in your class.

However, a heavy hand like this should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. A good substitute teacher is one who adapts to the strategies put in place by a teacher – which is a teacher-centric effective teaching concept – to help students learn. In a certain way, effective teaching books should give you the insight that you need to learn how to be an almost invisible presence in a classroom, albeit one with authority.