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Positive Character Development in Children's Books

It is a well-known fact that children learn through example. It is also acknowledged that the vast majority of parents hope the examples their children glean wisdom from will teach them valuable lessons they will carry throughout their life. Lessons that develop a sense of morality, appreciation, and observance of the feelings of others are all desired traits parents typically hope for their children to learn. Through educational books, these life lessons can be found in a variety of stories and characters. Here are a few helpful tips on what parents can look for in searching for these books. 

Look for Books to Encourage Positive Character Development

When picking a book that would encourage positive character development in children, it is important to remember what appeals to children in general. Lifeless pages will go over their head. Children often do not prefer to read rather long explanatory stories that speak on character. It is better to look for something simple. Bright colors, minimal stimuli, and easy-to-follow stories will all immediately grasp the attention of a child. Oftentimes, the best books to help children understand concepts like character development feature other children or characters that are likable. This places the child in the shoes of the character and allows them to better be immersed in the lesson.

Books that also have a focus on compassion and empathy can help children with basic life skills like sharing and determining the feelings of others. Being mindful of the feelings of others can sometimes be difficult for a child to understand and it can lead to social problems down the road if not addressed properly. Look for characters in books that are in situations where they may feel anger, jealousy, or animosity towards another character. This can be easy for a child to understand and they will naturally be curious to find out what the solution to this problem may be.

It is most helpful to consider what the particular child may relate to when choosing such a book based on these situations presented. A scuffle at a playground or a time when the child had trouble sharing their toys, for instance, would all be perfect examples of what to look for when choosing a book. 

Overall, it is through visually-appealing aesthetics and pleasing storylines that children will get the most out of these books. By being drawn into the story through these enticing factors, the child then begins to consider things from the outlook of the characters presented. With a book that solely focuses on character development, the child likely will begin to exhibit these behaviors as well. The child will also glean the understanding that positive characteristics will be an influence of good in their lives. 

For more information about finding a children's book for positive character development, contact a local book store.